Holiday Skin Tips

Dr. Marie Jhin, a dermatologist in the SF Bay area shares her favorite skin tips for surviving the Holidays. 

Dr. Jhin recently paid a visit to ABC 7 and shared her best tips for how to get through the holidays looking your best!

Stay Hydrated with exfoliating baths and moisturizing mists

Taking a bath instead of a shower gives you a great opportunity to exfoliate with a scrub and get in some much needed relaxation, but don’t forget to slather on a thick moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and refreshed afterwards. On the go, try a misting spray for an instant burst of moisture.

Use Cortisone to reduce the appearance of blemishes

A shot of cortisone is a great way to instantly blast a pimple—If you can find time to see your doctor. If not, try a hydrocortisone cream from the drugstore. Just put it on the pimple overnight and cover with a Band-Aid, the next day use a salicylic spot treatment to dry the pimple out, and don’t pick, it will only make the spot more noticeable and could result in a scar!

Keep your face sweat free with a roll on antiperspirant

Apply a roll on antiperspirant every night for 4 days before you plan on hitting the dance floor to keep your face sweat free the night of!

Use coffee bags to keep your eyes bright and beautiful

A new twist on the old tea bag trick—coffee packs more caffeine to constricts the blood vessels under your eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles.  So pop moist coffee singles into the fridge, sit back and grab a few minutes of shut eye while they work to make you look more alert.

Use Ciclafate as a topical treatment to make burns disappear in a matter of days

The holidays mean baking and grooming—and burns from the oven and the curling iron are inevitable. Use Cicalfate cream with healing water on the burn and in three days your burn will disappear!

Check out Dr. Jhin’s tips here:–marie-jhin:-holiday-skin-care-tips/8470335

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