Dr. Marie Jhin, a dermatologist in the SF Bay area answers your questions on facial fillers

In the world of cosmetic dermatology, facial fillers are a common treatment. They’re quick, relatively pain free and the results are profound. When we saw this article pop up in our inbox from New Beauty Magazine, we were excited to share the news on facial fillers from 2011.

Something that really caught our eye was a report from ABC’s Good Morning America about how many men were going under the syringe in 2011. The news show reported 300,000 men got injected with Botox, a 10% increase from 2010.

Botox , tried by over 11 million people is synonymous with facial fillers, but it isn’t the only option. Check out these new, FDA approved injectables and keep your eye out for them in 2012.


Xeomin, a botulinum toxin, has gained FDA approval for fine lines in the eyebrow region. Because Xeomin is created with less surrounding proteins, it could mean reduced rates of antibody production for patients—a problem for patients that require a large amount of Botox injections.


Initially, Restylane was FDA approved for treatment of wrinkles and facial folds, but last year this hyaluronic acid filler got approval as for lip augmentation for patients over 21. Restylane is different from other injectables used to add shape and volume to lips because it increases natural collagen production at the injection site.


Belotero is a facial filler for moderate to severe lines. This acid-based filler may have better results when injected closer to the skin than some of the other facial fillers out on the market right now. Patients have seen long lasting results for Belotero—up to two years.

You should always talk to your doctor to determine which fillers are best for you. Check out our services to see which injectables premier dermatology offers, or contact Robert, our Patient Manager, to schedule an appointment. He can be reached at info@premier-dermatology.com or by phone at 415-371-8600 (SF office) or 650-551-9700 (Peninsula office).