The One Thing You Should Be Doing for Healthier Hair

Dr. Marie Jhin, a dermatologist in the SF Bay Area, answers your questions about greasy hair.

You may think that your hair is oily because of chemicals in your hair products, but the most likely reason your hair is greasy is because of over washing.

You might not realize it, but when you wash your hair every day, you strip your hair of its natural oils.  Your scalp compensates by producing even more oil–which results in dirty looking hair after only one day.

If your your hair is oily, you need to break the cycle!  This means washing your hair less–which can be hard to do after a hot summer day or a trip to the gym.

One of the best kept secrets to having a clean looking mane is by using a dry shampoo in between washes. Dry shampoos come in powder and spray forms, and a little goes a long way. Just add a bit to the roots and brush through with your fingers. The dry shampoo will soak up excess oil and allow you to wait another day to wash.

Over time, your scalp will adapt to your new, heathy hair washing cycle, and you will be able to go even longer without washing your hair. That means, beautiful, healthy hair and a great looking scalp!

If you suffer from oily or dry scalp and are having a hard time managing it on your own at home, contact Robert, our Patient Manager, to schedule an appointment. He can be reached or by phone at 415-371-8600 (SF office) or 650-551-9700 (Peninsula office).