Great Laser Treatments in time for Valentine’s Day

Dr. Marie Jhin, a dermatologist in the SF Bay area discusses lasers.

Looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or your loved one?
Premier Dermatology is offering a great deal on some of our best laser treatments, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The GentleMax Laser and the Medlite laser are non-invasive laser treatments that will improve the look and feel of your skin. At Premier Dermatology, we are offering $100 off either of these treatments, or your 4th session free if you buy 3! But hurry in, this deal is only valid through February!

The GentleMax laser is a non-surgical laser treatment that reduces sagging skin through the use of a high-intensity light that penetrates through skin to spring your bottom skin layers back to life. The upper layers of skin are protected from the effects of the laser with a cooling spray that is applied before the procedure.
Each GentleMax session lasts less than 45 minutes, and profound, skin tightening results are achieved within 4-6 sessions.
Discomfort has been compared to the sensation of having a rubber band snapped against your skin, and lasts only a few seconds. That doesn’t sound bad at all for younger looking, tighter skin!

Medlite laser toning is used on fair skin to treat mild scars, redness, fine wrinkles, uneven texture and large pores.
Like the GentleMax laser, Medlite treats the skin below the surface. The laser is held about an inch from the skin. The bottom layers of skin are heated by the laser which increases collagen production. The laser will feel warm on the skin, but not uncomfortable. After the treatment, the skin may be red, but this mild redness goes away in a few hours. 
After each session, you will observe subtle changes in the appearance of your skin, and after 4-6 sessions, you will have a youthful glow and smaller pores!

If you are interested in learning more about laser treatments or this offer, contact Robert, our Patient Manager, to schedule an appointment. He can be reached at or by phone at 415-371-8600 (SF office) or 650-551-9700 (Peninsula office).