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Premier Aesthetic Dermatology is a concierge Medical Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine clinic dedicated to delivering top-tier, personalized care to our valued clients. We pride ourselves on being accessible and providing exceptional care.

Direct Pay Model

Direct pay, also known as cash-pay or fee-for-service, is a customer-friendly payment method designed with your convenience in mind. With our office you won’t have to wait months for an appointment – Many of our patients are Kaiser patients or patients with insurance who want to be seen in a timely manner and not wait 3-6 months for an in-network dermatology appointment.

With this approach, patients pay the cost of a service or product directly at the time of your visit. With the exception of Medicare, which we still accept, we do not accept insurance. For most of these major insurance companies, we will give you a bill that you can then submit for potential out-of-network benefits/reimbursement or to go towards your deductible. By taking this approach we not only keep costs low for you, but also increase our availability and allow for proper appointment lengths.

Office Fees

Our office fees typically range between $175 and $250 for standard consultations and services, excluding any procedures that may be required. These fees are indicative and may vary based on the complexity and duration of your visit. Please keep in mind that these fees are not inclusive of any additional procedures that may be recommended by your healthcare provider.

Reimbursement Process

While we do not bill directly to your insurance, we understand the importance of insurance reimbursement to our patients. To facilitate this we can provide a detailed receipt for all services rendered. This receipt will include both the procedure and diagnosis codes, which you can utilize to submit a claim for out-of-network benefits to your insurance company. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider directly to understand their specific reimbursement policies and procedures.


Yes! Your insurance can be used for ancillary services such as pathology, cultures, bloodwork, and prescriptions.


Yes! You can use your HSA and FSA to pay for medical services at PAD MD.

Financing Options Are Available and Include:

Care Credit is a healthcare credit card that can be used to cover medical expenses. It offers flexible financing options, allowing you to make manageable monthly payments.


PatientFi provides convenient and tailored financing plans to assist you in meeting your healthcare needs without undue financial stress.



We are currently in-network with Medicare. If you have another insurance provider we would still love to see you! We can provide a detailed receipt with the information necessary for you to submit to your insurance for out-of-network benefits.

For billing concerns please contact the billing department: Phone: 650.551.9700.


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If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our insurance policies, fees, or financing options, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in any way we can and ensure that your healthcare experience with us is a positive one.

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