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Do you have a place to park?

Yes! We have a parking lot for our patients and street parking available.

What is the best way to contact the office?

We offer communication via phone, email, text message, and online chat. You can call us at 650-551-9700 or email us at If it is not urgent, a detailed email generally works best.

I’m new! Where do I start?

Welcome! We are so excited to meet you! First steps will be to set up an appointment; we have many ways to do this but an easy way to start is to email us at and leave a detailed email including: your full name, date of birth, cell phone number (we will text you new patient forms), reason for visit, and what insurance you have. If you have specific days of the week / general time preferences (morning v. afternoon) you can add that in so we can try our best to accommodate you.

For your visit, please ensure all of the paperwork sent to you has been completed – if not we will need you to complete it prior to your appointment starting. Please arrive without makeup and a clean face if you are having a skin check or cosmetic procedure. We do have a washroom you can use to wash your face if you are coming from work/an event.

How much do procedures cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a quote without a consultation as every individual will have a different treatment plan to address their concerns. Even Botox/dysport prices vary person to person because it changes based on the strength of your muscle, the locations treated, and your metabolism. We would love to set you up for a cosmetic consultation with one of our providers to better discuss costs and financing options – email us at or call us at 650-551-9700 to schedule.

I have a question about a specific procedure

Please navigate to the relevant procedure via our navigation bar on the top of the website – if your question isn’t answered within that page; feel free to email us with your question at

Do you have handicap accessibility?

Yes, we are an ADA accessible facilities.

Do you have handicap parking spaces available?

Yes, we have two spots near our front entrance.

What are your hours?

Normally we are open Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-2pm and occasional weekends.

Is the doctor available Monday-Friday, including Saturday?

Our schedule may change around but Dr Jhin is available Monday-Wednesday and occasional Fridays; we do have our Aesthetician on Wednesday-Friday and some saturdays. We also have other providers (PA, RN) who are available on variable Thursday/Friday/Saturdays.

When is your next available appointment?

Give us a call or e-mail and we will get back to you. Generally for new medical patients our next available appointment is 3-5 weeks out.

May I be placed on a cancellation list?

Yes! Please reach out to us via email, phone call or text.

Is there public transportation available to your office? If yes, can you provide me those options?

We are close to the Caltrains San Carlos stop (7 minute walk). We are also close to the Samtrans El Camino Real & San Carlos Ave (#343064) stop (4 minute walk).

Is your facility pet friendly?

We ask that you leave your pets at home. We do welcome emotional support and service animals into the office.

Do you accept walk-ins?

No, we are appointment only to ensure all of our patients are properly cared for and have adequate time for their appointment. If you walk in we would be more than happy to set you up for an appointment!

Are masks required or optional?

Masks are optional for patients, our staff and providers are still wearing masks in compliance with CDC guidelines.

Do you have public restrooms on site?

We have restrooms for our patients to use during their visits.

Typically, how long is an appointment with the doctor?

Initial visits are usually allotted 30 minutes, it may be longer if you need photos or if you get a procedure done that day. Follow-up appointments are generally 15 minutes.

How much time shall I allocate when I have a scheduled appointment?

If you are getting a procedure done, we suggest that you allot 45 min-1 hour; If you reach out to our office, we can discuss the reasoning for your appointment and give you a better estimate.

Should I come to the office with the least make up if I have an upcoming procedure?

If you are having a procedure, please come with the least amount of makeup/product on your face.

Is this a self check-in facility?

Not currently, we ask that you check in with our front desk upon arrival.

Are there any restaurants close by? If yes, is it walking distance?

Yes! Downtown San Carlos is just a few blocks away and has many fantastic food and drink options.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept apple pay, credit cards, debit cards, cash, Care credit, and we work with PatientFi. We do not accept checks.