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Discover the holistic benefits of massage therapy at Premier Aesthetics & Dermatology, where each session offers a pathway to enhanced physical, mental, and emotional wellness. From relieving muscular tension and promoting flexibility to reducing stress and anxiety, the power of touch fosters a profound sense of relaxation and mental clarity.

Buccal/TMJ massage Facial

(45 - 60min)
**Package is available.

**Facial Includes: Cleansing, customizable Buccal/TMJ massage including shoulder, neck, and head massage, and sunscreen.

Body massage

60 min $180
90 min $265
120 min $345

Customize Massage From:

Deep Tissue Massage: Experience profound relief as skilled hands delve into your muscles, targeting deep-seated tension and promoting relaxation from within.

Swedish Massage: Drift into serenity as gentle strokes and soothing techniques melt away stress, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Balinese Massage: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this luxurious treatment, combining traditional Indonesian techniques to ease tension and restore harmony.

Lymphatic Massage: Unlock your body’s natural detoxification process with gentle, rhythmic movements designed to stimulate lymphatic flow and promote overall wellness.

Lymphatic Body Contour (120min): Indulge in a comprehensive treatment aimed at sculpting your silhouette and enhancing circulation, leaving you feeling lighter and more vibrant.

Table Thai Massage: Experience the ancient art of Thai massage adapted to the comfort of a table, combining stretching and acupressure to promote flexibility and balance.

Taiwanese Reflexology: Rebalance your body’s energy channels through the precise manipulation of reflex points on your feet, drawing from centuries-old Taiwanese healing traditions.

Hand Reflexology: Unwind and restore balance with targeted pressure on specific points of your hands, promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

Head Tui-na Massage: Soothe away tension and stress with focused techniques applied to the scalp and neck, promoting mental clarity and relaxation.

Abdominal Massage: Nurture your core with gentle yet effective techniques aimed at releasing tension and promoting digestion, leaving you feeling centered and revitalized.

Myofascial Release: Experience profound relief as specialized techniques target the fascia, releasing tightness and restoring fluidity of movement.

Ayurvedic Srotas Massage: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Ayurveda as this therapeutic massage technique works to balance your body’s vital channels, promoting holistic wellness.

Shiatsu-Acupressure: Find harmony and balance through the precise application of pressure to key points along your body’s meridian lines, promoting relaxation and energy flow.

Energy Work: Tap into your body’s innate healing abilities with this gentle yet powerful modality, promoting balance and vitality on a profound level.

Rocking and Shaking, Joint Mobilization: Experience a unique blend of movement and manipulation aimed at restoring mobility and vitality to your body, leaving you feeling grounded and rejuvenated.