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Why You Want a Medical Facial not a Spa Facial

By March 1, 2018August 16th, 2022No Comments

When you think of a facial, do you think of massage and layers of moisturizer? Many people do. What they should be thinking about are results. A medical facial isn’t about relaxation but the achievement of better-looking, healthier, rejuvenated skin.

Medical facials are administered by a medical aesthetician trained in advanced skin care treatments. He or she understands your skin, and what is best for your skin. Medical facials are much more results oriented than spa facials. In your doctor’s office, you can have a higher levels of chemical peels, more extractions, and possibly, your medical facial will be covered your insurance.

Your medical aesthetician works with your physician to facilitate optimal skin health and a highly effective treatment plan. This has significant benefits. For example, if your physician prescribes a topical and/or oral medication for acne, exfoliation or hyperpigmentation and your aesthetician doesn’t know about it, the medication may be affected by skin care product ingredients.

Medical facials are carefully customized for specific skin care needs. Many people have more than one skin care concern and labelling the skin as oily or dry is too general. A very thorough skin assessment is done to determine skin concerns and to discuss options.

Collaboration allows the medical aesthetician to customize your facial treatment so it follows your physician’s directions, preventing the application of anything that will cause irritation or an adverse effect.

To help you maintain the results and benefits of your medical facial, your medical aesthetician will design a home care program for you. This allows you to be involved in the journey toward rejuvenation and optimum skin health and ensures the best possible results. Medical facials/treatments can:

• improve the tone and texture of the skin
• increase collagen production
• promote cellular turnover
• unclog pores
• reduce redness in the skin
• erase broken capillaries
• significantly decrease unwanted pigmentation
• smooth fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars

In addition, aesthetic treatments by your dermatologist include the use of medical grade products, which have higher concentrations of active ingredients than spas carry and are supported and proven effective by scientific data and clinical studies. Just as importantly, medical grade products can only be purchased from a medical facility.