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Best of Korea April 2023

By April 6, 2023No Comments

I have a lot of loose skin around my eyes and I’m loving the idea of a plasma eyelift. Can you tell me how you feel about this procedure and where it works best?

Although the plasma pen is popular, there are still no guidelines or regulations on this device. It can be administered by any provider, not just physicians. I have seen scarring and pigmentary changes from this device since it is hard to determine the exact depth. I don’t recommend this in Asian patients since Asians can hyperpigment with any form of trauma.

Hi Dr. Jhin, I am thinking about adding microneedling to my facials. What exactly can I expect from this treatment and can I do this at home between appointments and if so can you please recommend some products to try at home?

I love microneedling for skin rejuvenation and scarring. If done properly you can see smoother texture and skin rejuvenation. The treatments done at home and by an aesthetician are usually less than 1mm in depth. This is usually not deep enough for deep wrinkles and acne scarring. I can go up to 2.5mm in depth in my office with my microneedling device. My favorite at home device is the Naiian microneedling rolling system.

Please help. I have developed an allergy to Latisse but don’t want to go back to stubby eyelashes! I used to be fine with this product but a year later, the skin around my eyes gets red and irritated. Is there anything I can do about this new reaction so I go back to Latisse? Or is there something else you recommend?

Latisse can sometimes cause an irritation or an allergy. It is a prescription grade medication and the results can be impressive, however, it may cause more of a reaction. I suggest trying some of the over the counter eyelash growth serums which contain less prostaglandin analogues such as Revitalash, Grandelash, Obagi Nu-cil eyelash growth serums.