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Korean Skincare Products

By February 9, 2023No Comments

What makes Korean skin care products different from standard skincare products?

Unlike other skin care products, Korean skin care products use products and ingredients that have been around for centuries.. Many of these products are natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types and those with sensitive skin. Korean skin care products also are innovative, unique, affordable and continue to be the cutting edge in research and development.

Is there a different goal in Korean skin care products, are different types of ingredients prioritized?

This focus for Korean skin care products is on skin first, makeup second. Also they believe that outer beauty reflects inner beauty and harmony. The goal of Korean products is to focus on the skin and make it look natural, flawless and porcelain. Many of the ingredients used are to prioritize healthy appearing,dewy, moisturized skin

Do you feel the 10-step routine is beneficial? For all skin types? If not, what steps would you recommend?

K-beauty is about layering and using products in the correct order to get the best results. The basic steps include: ”cleanse, treat, and protect.” (am – foam cleanser, exfoliating toner, sunscreen, moisturizer) (pm – oil facial cleanser,eye cream, moisturizer). These are the basic steps, however, depending on your needs the steps increase as you increase the different types of serums. Serums are light, easily absorbable skincare products that help to deliver high concentrations of ingredients to the skin. They are designed to hydrate, protect, and nourish the skin.

What ingredients/properties should someone look for when buying Korean skincare products?

In my opinion if you want unique ingredients that are K-beauty then look for snail mucin, propolis, ginseng and centella asiatica. There are also ingredients that are less Korean based but have been elevated in terms of their efficacy or delivery system – this includes peptides, stem cells and hyaluronic acids. Depending on your skin care needs these are great ingredients to look for.

Can you provide any 4-6 Korean skin care products you recommend and why you recommend them?