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Fight Wrinkles with Fillers

By February 28, 2014August 16th, 2022No Comments

There are several methods to achieve a youthful complexion when wrinkles start becoming part of your physical equation. Botox is a great option to combat wrinkles by stimulating the muscle underneath your skin, but fillers are also a viable option that instantly plump wrinkles by injecting a substance directly into the line or crease for a more youthful appearance. Like Botox, fillers can last a few months to a year depending on the type of substance your dermatologist deems fit. Because there are different types of filler options and the area in question is sensitive, it is highly important that you discuss these injections with a licensed dermatologist to avoid side effects and ensure optimum results. A filler appointment typically takes about a half hour and is far less invasive and expensive than a face lift, and it requires hardly any recovery time.

Fillers are commonly used to plump up moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. They can also volumize certain areas like lips, cheeks and sagging hands. Hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers are a popular filler option that comes in several different forms used for slightly different purposes. Hyaluronic acid is actually a type of sugar present in body tissue like cartilage which can combine with water to create a gel-like substance. Like any treatment, fillers may trigger certain side effects like swelling or bruising, but it is important to talk to you licensed dermatologist about your allergies and skin conditions to avoid the possibility of such a reaction after treatment. While results last a few months to a year, some research has noted that less product may be needed to achieve the same results over time.

Synthetic fillers are also available, and while results may last longer, they are also linked to more side effects. Synthetic fillers are not typically used for fine lines, but rather for deep wrinkles, folds around the nose and lip injections. Unlike synthetic fillers, collagen fillers do not typically last as long as a year, but they are often believed to produce a more natural looking finish and can be used to treat fine lines like crow’s feet, vertical lip lines and forehead lines.

While these injections are FDA approved, it is important that you consult with a licensed dermatologist before making a decision to receive fillers, and that you receive injections in a medical setting. While some spas may boast similar-sounding treatments, a safer alternative is to receive wrinkle filler treatments through a doctor’s office that can verify the safety and FDA approval of their product.

The new year has barely begun, and if you want to start it out with a youthful complexion without the cost and recovery time of surgery, talk with you dermatologist about filler options that will work for you.