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Four Easy Ways to Save Your Skin

By April 24, 2018August 16th, 2022No Comments

May is skin cancer awareness month and its always good to talk about some protection what are some ways to protect yourself from the sun.

I am a believer that you should enjoy the outdoors, go outside take a walk, exercise, swim in the ocean, however protection is very important and these are some of my recommendations to protect yourself and your kids from the dangerous side effects of the sun.

No.1 Wear sunscreen everyday and especially if you are outdoors for a long time. Sunscreen needs to be re-applied every two to three hours if you are outside, especially if your sweating or in and out of the water.

No. 2 I definitely believe in sun protected clothing I love the rash guards that people are wearing now because the back is a very difficult place to apply sun screen and wearing rash guards that has UV protection will really be easier than a getting a burn on your back which is very very painful.

No. 3 Don’t forget to wear a hat. I like the wide rim hats. Baseball hats do not give enough coverage for your ears or the side of your face. A wide rim hat with sunglasses to protect your eye, are really good ways to protect the face and ears. Another way to protect yourself from the sun is to make sure that you only go out in times where its not the most intense sun. We get the most intense sun from 10 am to 4 pm, so if you can possibly go out before that or go out after you can still enjoy the warm weather without laying out in the most intense time of day.

No. 4 I know lot of you, especially in warm weather want to put that convertible top down enjoy driving in the sun. That is a lot of exposure on the top of your head, and on your arms and hands, so if your going to do that, please wear a hat or wear very very good sunscreen because that again is direct exposure.